Elon Musk’s ‘The Boring Company’ posits the idea that a city can solve its ‘‘soul-destroying’’ congestion issues by digging tunnels for cars to drive through. …

The following was my written submission to the New Zealand Climate Change Commission in response to their draft advice released in February 2021.

It is encouraging to see the work of the CCC and it’s draft recommendations. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this. It is beyond time…

Unnecessary driving of cars is a major public health issue.

The adverse public health effects of too many cars, and the need for intervention is comparable to the ongoing challenge to reduce smoking.

This is not about shaming people who currently drive. …

An adaptation for modern battles.

Half a k, half a k,
Half a k onward,
In the doorzone of Death
Rode the six stubborn.
Forward, the Light Brevet!
Charge for the buns!
” they said.
Following the sharrow of Death
Rode the six stubborn.

Forward, the Light Brevet!
Was there not a…

We love cars. Or do we?

Perhaps instead, we just have places to go and people to see and jobs to do. Perhaps they’re just another tool of modern life and have become familiar, habitual, routine.

Many don’t even like driving but have come to rely on cars due to decades of investment in infrastructure optimising…

Most people are probably aware that cars are bad for us and the environment. Given how much we have come to use them, perhaps most aren’t aware just how very bad they are.

It is not uncommon to see well-meaning environmental initiatives proclaim their effectiveness by comparing their performance to…

Car blindness affects our lives in many indirect ways. The undesirable side effects of cars have been normalised for so long that they seem invisible to most.

It is normal to smooth the road for cars. We wait to cross streets. Public transport stuck in private congestion is normal. It…

Our reliance on cars has affected cultural norms. Where once ‘death machines’ were (rightly) vilified and shunned, now it is a cultural tinderbox to criticise even one aspect of cars at a time.

‘Developed’ societies have embraced a car centric model predicated on diminishing and sidelining many basic human…

Alex Dyer

Passionate about healthy streets and cities for people. On Twitter as @AxleRyde

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